DSM Teen Slam

2018 Slam Champions

Jalesha Johnson (slam champion)

Linh Ho

Tiana Warner

Shaddai Johnson

Karriem Muhammad

DeVon Walker

Chloe O'Connor

2017 Slam Champions

Maddie Johnson (slam champion)

Elhondra Brazzle

Julio Delgadillo

Jalesha Johnson

Shaddai Johnson

Miavliag Lee

2016 Slam Champions

Russhaun John (slam champion)

Elhondra Brazzle

Jalesha Johnson

Julio Delgadillo

Jaya Trogdon

Linda Brown

2015 Slam Champions

Julio Delgadillo (slam champion)

Apple Amos

Susan Stacy

Courtnei Caldwell

Elhondra Brazzle

Hatte Kelley

2014 Slam Champions

Leah Waughtal (tied for Grand Slam Champion)

Elhondra Brazzle (tied for Grand Slam Champion)

Susan Stacy (tied for Grand Slam Champion)

Bao Luong

Julio Delgadillo

Russhaun Johnson

2013 Slam Champions

Leah Waughtal (Grand Slam Champion)

Hatte Kelley

Julio Delgadillo

Davonte Binion

Mia Windsor

Torianna Buttrey

To see more videos of our DSM Teen Slam participants, click here.


  • Reply Paula Cultice March 7, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    When and where is your March 2014 event? I would love to bring a bus of students from Newton, Iowa!

    • Reply rundsm March 23, 2014 at 8:20 am

      Paula – our next event is the 2nd Annual DSM Teen Poetry Slam on April 3! See the latest blog post for the official poster! We hope to see you and your students!

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