Are You Nervous? I Ain’t Never Scared

May 31, 2017

Much love to Hillis Elementary School and all of the Half-Pints poets for a fantastic showcase of poetry on May 23, 2017. Shout-out to our resident photographer Eduardo Arana for capturing the magic!

HalfPintsSlam-1 HalfPintsSlam-2 HalfPintsSlam-3 HalfPintsSlam-4 HalfPintsSlam-5 HalfPintsSlam-6 HalfPintsSlam-7 HalfPintsSlam-8 HalfPintsSlam-9 HalfPintsSlam-10 HalfPintsSlam-11 HalfPintsSlam-12 HalfPintsSlam-13 HalfPintsSlam-14 HalfPintsSlam-15 HalfPintsSlam-16 HalfPintsSlam-17 HalfPintsSlam-18 HalfPintsSlam-19 HalfPintsSlam-20 HalfPintsSlam-21 HalfPintsSlam-22 HalfPintsSlam-23 HalfPintsSlam-24 HalfPintsSlam-25 HalfPintsSlam-26 HalfPintsSlam-27 HalfPintsSlam-28 HalfPintsSlam-29 HalfPintsSlam-30 HalfPintsSlam-31 HalfPintsSlam-32 HalfPintsSlam-33 HalfPintsSlam-34 HalfPintsSlam-35 HalfPintsSlam-36 HalfPintsSlam-37

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