Featured Poet: Brionna Lam

July 3, 2012


Brionna Lam


The poet that influences me the most is one of my teachers, Miss Emily Lang. I see a lot of her style of writing in my poetry. She has lots of beautiful imagery in her pieces and that’s how I get inspired to write pieces that are so detailed.

If I could read one poem for the rest of my life it would be 10 Things to Say to a Black Woman by Joshua Bennett. The way he describes each thing to say leaves very breath-taking mental images. I could watch it over and over again, and never get tired of it.

The best line of poetry I’ve ever written is, “They plea for our ears to listen while their faces gleam and glisten with tears streaming down from their eyes.” I feel as if it really hits the heart hard and makes me feel so much sympathy. A really strong image comes to mind every time I read that line.

The reason I write poetry is to express myself. Writing poetry is like painting pictures. You mix and play with words, like the colors of a painting to get the right shade, or phrase. I’ve always been an artistic person. Poetry centers me, helps me let out anything I need to get off of my chest. In three words, it’s just amazing.

To me, poems are like pictures. Each picture can be described differently and seen differently. For example, I could describe how a beach would look like with a turquoise ocean and very rough, gritty sand. Someone else could say that the ocean is a deep blue and the sand is as soft as cotton. There’s a variety of ways to use words to portray a scene.

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