Featured Poet: Hatte Kelley

July 25, 2012

Meet Hatte, a 10th grade student at North High School and Central Academy. Hatte is, without question, a Brave New Voice.

Hatte Kelley

The poet that influences me the most is Larry Moore. I never had a chance to have him as a teacher but he motivates me to perform harder, louder, and more passionately. 

If I could read one poem for the rest of my life, it would be “That Girl” by Alysia from Brave New Voices. I read this poem and it made me envious of how Alysia had the power to not be reduced to that girl.
The best line I have ever written was, “I am a carton of broken eggs, a dozen eggs, 12 months, 12 disappointments, every twenty-eight days…” This line really makes me think of the possibilities of a poem I could make, but where this line originated from is a poem I wrote that didn’t work out. 
The reason I write poetry is because I have always loved writing, I wrote songs when I was a kid, but I didn’t understand music and all its technical things. It never even crossed my mind as poetry being an option. It turned out that poetry was the type of writing I had always been doing, I just didn’t know what category my writing fell under. So, I was poet and I didn’t know it.
To me, poems are like if you took your deepest thoughts and threw them in a cauldron. Then, dashed in fresh thinking to produce new ideas and provoking thoughts. Then letting it simmer, you drinking down what was left after the smoke had risen, and then you have what I call a poem on the tip of your tongue. 

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