“Middle School, Gangs, and Sexual Assault”

June 4, 2013

It isn’t everyday you meet someone as passionate and supportive as Adam Hammes, founder of Urban Ambassadors. While creating our final project for Hip-Hop: Rhetoric or Rhyme, we were searching for people in our community who had created their own non-profit organizations from scratch. Our dear friend Ciji of Recycle Me Iowa raved about Adam, and he was gracious enough to speak with our kids about his experience and come back after their organizations were created to sit on our “grant panel.” To top it all off, he wrote this incredible article articulating our class to a “t.” If you’d like to read the article, click here!

It’s pretty amazing what a little energetic reciprocity can do for a community. Thank you, Adam, for building us up. We are grateful for you.


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