Semi-finals: 5th Annual Des Moines Teen Poetry Slam

April 14, 2017

On Friday, April 7, 21 youth poets battled for 1 of 15 spots at finals of the 5th Annual Des Moines Teen Poetry Slam. Much love to Eduardo Arana for capturing the power and essence of these incredible poets.

SemiFinals-1 SemiFinals-3 SemiFinals-4 SemiFinals-5 SemiFinals-6 SemiFinals-7 SemiFinals-8 SemiFinals-9 SemiFinals-10 SemiFinals-11 SemiFinals-12 SemiFinals-14 SemiFinals-15 SemiFinals-16 SemiFinals-17 SemiFinals-18 SemiFinals-19 SemiFinals-20 SemiFinals-21 SemiFinals-22 SemiFinals-23 SemiFinals-24 SemiFinals-25 SemiFinals-27 SemiFinals-28 SemiFinals-29 SemiFinals-30 SemiFinals-31 SemiFinals-32 SemiFinals-33 SemiFinals-34 SemiFinals-35 SemiFinals-36 SemiFinals-37SemiFinals-39 SemiFinals-40 SemiFinals-41 SemiFinals-42
SemiFinals-13 SemiFinals-26 SemiFinals-38SemiFinals-43

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