“Without RunDSM, my life would still be in shambles. Movement 515 introduced me to my voice and showed me how powerful words are. I’ve learned the importance of speaking out, and how it can impact your future.”

~ Russhaun


"I fell in love with reading poems and learning about social justice long before I became a part of the Movement 515 family, but I didn't fall in love with myself and creating my own art or educating my community about social justice until after RunDSM accepted me.”

~ Jalesha


“RunDSM has been a medium for me to express my voice and self-discover. It is the main component to my growth throughout high school as I overcame constant levels of stress and anxiety with the support of a family away from my own.”

~ Harry


"RunDSM has been home for me since the 9th grade. I knew at that very moment I had filled my desire to be a part of something; I didn't know 4 years later that I would be a part of it for the rest of my life. RunDSM has been healing for me, given me opportunities that I didn't believe I was built for, and become a lifetime of support. They have taught me a new language of love, something I will never forget."

~ Elhondra


"RunDSM has shown me that my life matters and that my voice as a young, Black man of this generation is important. No matter how far I’ve drifted, I can always lean on the love they give to uplift me to press on another day."

~ Jahleel


"RunDSM not only gave me an incredibly powerful voice in high school, it also gifted me with opportunities to grow as a teaching artist post-graduation. It instilled in me values of activism and empathy that have been paramount to all my success. The layers of mentorship I have been able to cultivate are some of the most beautiful, compassionate, and supportive relationships I have. RunDSM is synonymous with love in my life."

~ Leah

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