Untitled by Callie Bates

March 23, 2013

Oh Closed Minded Society

You Keep Making Attempts To Change My Difference

You Rant On About How

Homosexuality Kills The Intended Spirit Of The World,

But I’m Not Seeing The Sky Falling Here

I See True Happiness

Rainbow Painted People In Coffee Shops

Colorful, Astonishing, Beautifully Painted Picture Of Downtown Des Moines

2% Of The U.S Declare Ourselves Homosexuals

Rains Falling In Big Baby Blue Water Drops

2 Girls Intertwine Hands,

2 Guys Grab Each Others Hips, And Are Standing

Orange And Red Rain Coats Like They Planned This,

Under A Yellow Umbrella,

Sharing A Passionate Kiss

They Have The Label Wrong Printed On Their Foreheads

Everyone Sees These Terrible Labels But Them

Some Of Our Parents Told Us


They Took Us Down A Non-accepting Highway To Be Left

They Knew We Were Gonna Be Broken And Abandoned

This Was No Place For A Lesbian.

We Were Corrected With Rape And Shocks Throughout Our Brains, Trying To Get Us To Prey The Gay Away.

We Don’t Deserve This.

We Have Hooked Together Female Signs Imprinted On Their Hearts,

Counting Down The Days I Wouldn’t Have To “Come Out”

I Will Say “We’re In Love” And People Will Accept It.

We Want A World Were People’s Minds Open Before Their Mouths

Us Rainbow Painted People

Could Hold Hands With Their Same Sex Lovers Shielding Each Other From Rocks Shaped As Words from Penetrating our Inner Nerves.

These Marks Will No Longer Brand Us With The Terms Dyke, And Faggot.

We Will Peel Off And These Terms

Will Become The Past.

There Were No Matthew Shepard Repeats

The Judgment Of People Who Are Different Isn’t Changed By Society.

We Are Accepted And

They Enjoyed Life.

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