Urban Leadership + INEZ

January 28, 2015

We had the incredible opportunity to partner with local photography duo INEZ (Joe Crimmings + Jami Milne) to capture the essence, vulnerability, and fire¬†within our young people. All photographs will be displayed at RunDSM’s 2nd Annual Teen Summit. Witness the magic below!

Urban Leadership 101

_MG_0003 _MG_0009 _MG_0033 _MG_0084 _MG_0090 _MG_0096 _MG_0105 _MG_0116 _MG_0122 _MG_0134 _MG_0160 _MG_0194 _MG_0200 _MG_0210 _MG_0214 _MG_0215 _MG_9770 _MG_9781 _MG_9791 _MG_9795 _MG_9802 _MG_9807 _MG_9821 _MG_9823 _MG_9833 _MG_9836 _MG_9839 _MG_9845 _MG_9854 _MG_9855 _MG_9859 _MG_9863 _MG_9869 _MG_9872 _MG_9878 _MG_9891 _MG_9905 _MG_9914 _MG_9924 _MG_9936 _MG_9956 _MG_9967 _MG_9971 _MG_9982 _MG_9998

Urban Leadership 102

UL102-012 UL102-026 UL102-029 UL102-036 UL102-038 UL102-045 UL102-053

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