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Share the Mic participants experience TEDx Des Moines. We were so inspired! For more information about TED: Ideas Worth Spreading, visit

Mic check – one, two, one, two.

RunDSM is an umbrella “organization” encompassing four curricular and extra-curricular programs designed to enhance the literacy and world consciousness of middle and high school students in Des Moines Public Schools. In 2011, according to the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, 53% of Harding Middle School students and 57% of all middle school students were proficient in reading comprehension in Des Moines Public Schools. Share the Mic: Community Voices Creating Change is a tri-annual performance that encourages students to use their voices through self-written poetry to create positive change in the community. All proceeds are donated to a local non-profit organization. Minorities on the Move examines and deconstructs racial stereotypes, as well as the struggles and triumphs minorities continue to face. Throughout two weeks in the summer, students travel to various locations around the Des Moines area, holding adjoining classes at Drake University to reflect on their experiences. Movement 515 is a creative writing community that meets once a week, with the goal of producing socially-conscious, spoken word poetry. Hip-Hop: Rhetoric & Rhyme is an 8th grade literacy elective that supports the 8th grade literacy objectives using hip-hop songs, quotes, and non-fiction texts. RunDSM takes a fresh and innovative approach in addressing the needs of the diverse population within Des Moines Public Schools.


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