Movement 515

Movement 515 is a creative writing community where, twice a week, students and teachers come together to combine the skill of writing and performance.  Attempting to slow down the world and investigate themselves, they work toward becoming change agents, shedding light on the impact human emotion and connection brings to the global community.

Six students from Movement 515 and groups throughout the city will be chosen to attend “Brave New Voices,” an international youth poetry slam festival featured on HBO.


Tuesday, 2:45-4:15, Home High School

Thursday, 3:30-5:00, Des Moines Social Club

Poet Mentors

Emily Lang & Kristopher Rollins

Melissa Daniels, North

Kayla O’Connor & Kortny Williamson, East

Tiffany Strim, Hoover

Mindy Euken Cadenillas, Roosevelt

Hannah Harmsen, Lincoln

Questions? Contact Emily Lang or Kristopher Rollins at

Follow us on Twitter / Instagram @Movement515

“Like” us on Facebook: Movement 515


4 thoughts on “Movement 515

  1. Calliee says:

    Omg That’s Amaxingf !

  2. Dezejanee says:

    SURPRISEEEE ! ill be at the show to support you guys. I know you’re doing what your capable of . i’m proud of you all. :) DUECES

  3. […] with passion and meaning it can make a difference and affect people.” The event was hosted by Movement 515, a creative writing community that brings students and teachers together weekly for writing and […]

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