"Without Hip-Hop class, I wouldn't even know who I really am as a person. Poems and music have made me experience and find who I really am." Davuntae

"Racism is still alive, but we all have to be strong. This class has taught me how to be confident." Alejandra

"In my opinion, some characteristics of a good class are honesty, respect for others, and positive energy." Keon

"Before I do something that I know will get me in trouble, I think of this class and it stops me." Kylee

"I was interested to learn about my culture more because a lot of classes talk about math, reading, and writing, but in this class you can express your thoughts and a lot of what's on your mind." Xzavier

"Hip-Hop class inspires me to try harder, work harder." Joseph

"Movement 515 has helped me create a new voice, out in the public. It has actually erased my fear of public speaking and be more open, to the public and all. Movement 515 can help anyone who lets it, and inspired me by what I have heard. It helps me take out problems through writing, and solve problems by listening to others." Marcos

"Movement 515 gives individuals the opportunity to use their voice and take it to places its never been before. The skies the limit for the ways you can use your voice." Duncan

"I have gained how to think more deeply, and how to figure things out. I have also gained more personality and stronger opinions." Natasha

"The most profound moment I've had in Hip-Hop is when we had to perform our pieces. This was a moment I won't forget because of all the people that shared. I won't forget how they have a voice and how they are brave enough to get up in front of the class to speak." Jahrell

"The most important moment I've had in this class is when we were talking about race problems and how much it affected people. I never thought it was that serious, and it made me realize that racism is not a joke." Elizabeth

"I've learned a lot about black culture and how people look at us in the world." Montrell

"I've gained how to play the game, how to make good choices out in the world, and how to take care of myself. I've also learned what some people have to go through just because of the color of their skin." Treyanna

"The most profound moment I've had was when we went to Simpson College and Iowa State. Everything we've done helped me so much with life. I don't want to leave next year. Our class has good chemistry - we share laughter and accomplishments." Deryke

"I have learned that socially, it's good to build relationships with your peers and teachers. It's good to be open with one another. If it wasn't for the teacher, I wouldn't have learned this." Dezejanee

"Hip-hop class inspires me to listen to more music and try to find out more about people and their lifestyles. Most of the songs help me understand life, so without hip-hop class, we would not be the people we are today." Deontae

"I've become a better writer and learned to get along with certain people better. I've learned about energetic reciprocity and better ways to perform poetry. I've also learned that writing is sacred." Grace

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Ryly Zetterman says:

    This is awesome, Harding Middle Schoolers:) You will do great things with your lives….keep working the hard and those dreams will come:)

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