Share the Mic

Psst…do you know of a non-profit organization in Des Moines that deserves both the community awareness and show proceeds from an upcoming Share the Mic event? Nominate them below! All nominations will be carefully reviewed by students in Movement 515. Let ‘em know! Nominations for East High’s Share the Mic are due on Nov. 10!

“The students’ attitudes toward writing, reading, and presenting have dramatically improved. But it is more than that. The students have been taught “energetic reciprocity” which is the way they have encouraged each other to be the best they can be academically and socially.”

Molly House, Content Literacy Consultant

Share the Mic: Community Voices Creating Change is a tri-annual performance that encourages students to use their voices through self-written poetry to create positive change within the community. Students and teachers come together for one reason: to give back.  All proceeds are donated to a local non-profit organization or small business.

Non-profit organizations that have received Share the Mic proceeds include GEEZ Louise!, the Grubb Community YMCA, The Fort Des Moines Museum & Education Center, the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Des Moines Public Schools Foundation, the “I Have a Dream” Foundation,  the Isiserettes, Beza Threads, the Windsor family, and Hope 4 Africa.

One thought on “Share the Mic

  1. henny says:

    You are doing amazing, innovate work!

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