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Featured Poet: Elaina Steenson

Meet Elaina! Elaina was one of the very first members of Movement 515 :) She attends both Roosevelt and Central Academy, bringing wisdom and grace to our creative community.


The poet that influences me the most is … Any poet who knows how to use words to make change and inspire others to do the same.┬áIdeas become words and poets use words to convey powerful messages to the world.

If I could read one poem for the rest of my life it would be … “The arrow and the song” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I don’t know why I like this poem so much, just something about it resonates with my life, I am moved every time I read it.

The best line of poetry I’ve ever written is … “justice is not won if everybody’s dead.” This passage is from my poem about dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The horror!

The reason I write poetry is to … Express who I am. And to share with others ideas which I hold near to my heart.

To me, poems are like …
An outlet for each and every person to write and communicate personal and global feelings to make an active change in the world. Words are powerful. Don’t ever stop writing!


Movement 515 Inspires North High 9th Graders!

The poets of Movement 515 were asked to perform for 9th Grade Orientation at North High School. They were droppin’ knowledge and inspiration all over the place. Check them out!



Dezejanee & Aaliyah.






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