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Featured Poet: Leah Rae Waughtal

Movement 515 is taking off and we’d like to introduce you to our poets! Each poet was asked a series of questions; stop back weekly to see what they had to say .


Leah Rae Waughtal


The poet that influences me the most is…

Definitely Sarah Kay. From The Moment I Found Her, I Thought.. This Girl Is A Hero. The Way She Writes, Is So Honest. I Have Watched Her On YouTube So Many Times, I Can Recite Her From Memory. She’s Inspirational. She Taught Me That Poetry, At It’s Best, Changes Things. Changes Minds.

If I could read one poem for the rest of my life it would be…

‘Information Man’ By Buddy Wakefield. I Feel Like The Secret To Life Is Inside That Poem, & If I Read It Enough, One Day I’ll Understand What It Means To Be Human.

The best line of poetry I’ve ever written is…

“We Run Ourselves Bleeding Into A Tissue Paper Sky, & Ask The God Our Parents Pray To, All The Questions We Don’t Understand, Like Why Some People Find Our God, With A Bullet & No Note, Or Why Daddy Is Never Coming Home.”

The reason I write poetry is to …

Understand Things Better. To Feel Things Differently. I Write Because I Want To Understand People Better. I Want To Be Deep, Even On My Shallow Days, & Stretch Miles In Every Direction.

To me, poems are like …

Every Ounce Of Honesty In Your Body. Every Time You Should Have Spoken Up, But Didn’t. So Now You Find A Time And A Place, And You Write It Out. Because Honesty Is Irrefutable.

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