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The Power of Spoken “Word Becomes Flesh”; a review by Brionna Lam

“While women continue to fight for their right to make choices about their bodies, the legacy of patriarchy and male privilege still allow a man the social right to choose domestic absenteeism and refrain from offering either emotional support or financial support,” according to Word Become Flesh is a combination of dance, poetry and live music in a performance. The six performers are Daveed Diggs, Dahlak Brathwaite, Dion Decibels, Ben Turner, Mic Turner, and B. Yung. The performance consists of letters to an unborn son throughout a nine month pregnancy from the perspective of a young, single father. Word Become Flesh has been performed in various states all throughout the country, and is continuing to be booked for future performances. Word Become Flesh was an astounding and inspiring performance.

The performance Word Become Flesh was very moving and breathtaking. My fellow school mates and I had the opportunity to witness this beautiful story unfold before our very eyes. After the appearance, we had time to reflect and discuss our thoughts and opinions about the show and set. All of us were inspired to write more because of this hauntingly accurate tale that continuously referred to history and modern-day struggles throughout the performance. I was very fortunate to have had the privilege to attend this event because we all left awestruck, and this event made a huge impact in our thought processes. Word Become Flesh was a motivating performance and influenced a number of members in my community.

In conclusion, Word Become Flesh was a wondrous and enjoyable performance. My classmates and I, along with our chaperones, had the privilege to watch an amazing story expressed through dance, poetry, and live music. After the performance, as a group we discussed our opinions and thoughts on the show. The show influenced us all to write more and gave us ideas to write about because the tale tells of the hardships of daily life during history and today’s time. We were lucky enough to be able to watch the show because it was such a wonderful experience. Word Become Flesh is a life changing work of art and can benefit anyone who has seen the performance.


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